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The Perfect River Levels
The Perfect River Levels for drift boat fishing, bank angling and high water plunking
The rivers listed here can be fished from the bank at lower and higher water than the levels listed
for Drifting & Floating. The "Perfect River Level" is the ideal level for both boat and bank angling.
I hope this information makes your day on the river more fun, safe and successful.
(This information is copy written and may not be reproduced without permission please.)

*Before you head out, get the most current Oregon stream and
river flow levels by following this link.

*All gage readings were established in a McKenzie style river boat but
could apply to a wide range of river craft. Remember, rivers are dynamic, safety is
relative to skill, do not over estimate your skill and always wear a life jacket.

How To Interpret The Table.....
*All gauges are listed in "feet" unless noted "cfs" 
  "Drifting & Floating" are the levels that can be boated in a drift boat. 
"Perfect River Level" is the best level for fishing salmon, steelhead & trout.
"Plunking" very high water, bank fishing would be your best and safest bet.

("click"  on the river name below to get real time flow information)
(* Rivers still in development- I am about 80% confident in the data but look for refinements.)

  Salmon & Steelhead Rivers                             Drifting & Floating --- Perfect River Level --- Plunking
  McKenzie @ Vida                                            0.9-3.5                        1.5-2.25                       3.00-4.5
  Md.Fork Willamette @ Jasper                         1.5-4.5                         2.5-3.5                        4.00- 5.00
  Willamette @ Harrisburg                                 1.5- 4.5                        2.5-3.5                        4.5- 6.00
  South Santiam @ Waterloo                            
5-5.5                            2.5-4.5                        5.5- 6.5
  Molalla @ Canby                                             1,200-4,000cfs            2,000-3,000                4,000-5,5000
  South Yamhill @ McMinnville                          1,000-3,000cfs           
1,200-3,000                 3,000-4,200
  Clackamas @ Three Lynx                               1.5-4.00                       2.1-2.8                         4.0-4.8

  Sandy @ Bullrun                                             8.5-11.00                     9.0-10.5                       11.5 plus

  Deschutes @ Moody                                       3,400-6,000cfs            4,000-5,000                 5,000-plus
  Lower John Day @ Service Creek                  1,200-6,000cfs            1,800-2,800                 3,000-plus
  Nehalem @ Foss                                            5.5-7.8                         6.3-7.1                         7.5-9.0
  Wilson River @ Tillamook                               3.5-6                           4.8-5.4                         6.5-plus

  Kilchis River, use Wilson River @ Tillamook  4.5-7.5                         5.5-6.5                         6.5-plus

  Nestucca @ Beaver                                        3.5-6.5                        4.5-5.0                         6.5-8.8
  Siletz @ Siletz                                                 3.5-7.4                        4.75-5.8                       5.8-8.8
  Alsea @ Tidewater                                          3.5-7.00                      4.5-6.3                         6.5-8.0
  Siuslaw @ Malpeton                                        3.5-8.0                       4.5-6.0                         6.5-13.0
  Lake Creek ( use Sisulaw @ Malpeton)          2,800-10,000cfs         3,200-5,000                 5,000-plus
  Umpqua @ Elkton                                           3.5-4.9                        3.6-4.0                         5.0-plus
  North Umpqua @ Winchester                         1.0-4.5                        1.8-4.0                         4.5-7.0
  Coquille @ Coquille                                         2.0-4.0                        3.0-3.5                        3.5-4.5
  Elk River @ Hatchery (call:541-332-0405)      3.5-7.0                        4.0-6.0                       6.0-10.0
  Sixes River (use Elk @ Hatchery)                   3.5-6.5                        4.0-5.0                       5.5-8.0
  Rogue River @ McLeod                                  1,000-4,000cfs           1,200-3,500                3,000-plus
  Rogue @ Grants Pass                                     1,500-4,500cfs          1,800-3,200               
  Rogue @ Agness                                             2,000-6,000               2,800-4,500                5,000-plus
  Chetco @ Brookings                                        1,200-4,000               2,000-3,800                4,700-plus
  *Smith River@ Jedidiah State Park Ca.            8-12                          9-11.5                       13-plus
  *Klamath River@ Orleans Coming soon.....
  *Eel River@ Fern Bridge, coming soon.....
  *Mad River near Arcata, coming soon.....

  *Mattole River@ Patrolia, coming soon

Small stream bank fishing, winter steelhead/trout; these are great streams and creeks to fish when
the bigger rivers are blown-out. Be sure to check the most current angling regulations.

Central Oregon Coast

These small central coast rivers best correlate best to the Siuslaw River

Cummings Creek  Correlation 6.2 or higher

Tenmile Creek  Correlation 5.8 or higher
 Rock Creek Correlation 6.0 or higher 
 Big Creek Correlation 6.0 or higher
 Cape Creek Correlation 6.2 or higher

Southern Oregon Coast:
These small south coast rivers best correlate to the Chetco River

Chetco River@Brookings
Hunter Creek    Correlation 3,000-5,000cfs

Eucher Creek   Correlation 3,000-5,000cfs
Pistol River   Correlation 2,800-4,500cfs

Winchuck River   Correlation 2,800-4,500cfs

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